Hotel CRM Strategy & Management

It’s Time to Get Personal

You worked with us to drive your organic search traffic and increase revenue; so, what’s next? Retaining and maintaining. In order to maintain customers and customer engagement, it’s important to curate a personal customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.

When you utilize our CRM Strategy & Management services, you will be able to control the guest experience from the moment the booking is made by targeting your best customers with personalized and relevant offers, aligning new and past marketing strategies with integrated digital marketing plans, and creating dynamic email campaigns.

Our Hotel CRM Strategy & Management includes:

  • Five hours of dedicated CRM Strategy and Consulting
  • Management of ongoing transactional emails and automated triggered campaigns 
  • Optimization of Smart Lists and segmentation strategy
  • Up to three dedicated dynamic email campaigns per month with updates to existing templates
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Ongoing client communication
  • Tie-In with DMRs for existing clients