Turn your guest data into a powerful tool to acquire future guests.

While engaging and retaining past guests is imperative, today less than a third (for many independents less than a quarter) of guests at any given night are repeat guests. The remaining 2/3 and more of the  guests are first-time guests, a staggering number of new guests that have to be acquired every single day. Hoteliers need to focus not only on targeting their past guests (CRM data), but also target potential guests who are “in-market” (Intent Data) – travelers who have expressed intent to travel now or in the near future to the hotel’s destination. Not doing so means missing on serious revenue opportunities to expand and “replenish” your existing customer base with new guests on an ongoing basis. 

What is Smart Data Marketing? Smart Data Marketing is the balanced utilization of CRM Data and Intent Data points to not only engage past guests, but to use the knowledge from your past guests to target future guests. In other words, to “make the most” of past, present, and future customer data to generate the highest number of bookings and returns and ultimately reach your best guest.

HeBS Digital’s Website Revenue Optimization Consultants have a deep understanding on how to integrate digital marketing formats to utilize both past guest data and intent-to-travel data to drive direct bookings and high returns. 

What our video, which brings the power of Smart Data Marketing to life:

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