The Heathman Lodge

The Heathman Lodge partnered with HeBS Digital to launch an engaging site that would reflect the comfortable, authentic feel guests receive during their stay.

The Challenge

The Goal: Drive Direct Online Bookings

As the Heathman Lodge's digital partner, we researched a variety of factors during the development process, including guest composition, feeder markets, seasonality, business opportunities, and more.

We then launched a user-friendly website, including a refreshing new design with intuitive navigation, optimized across three screens, that accurately reflects the on-site guest experience.

Responsive Website Design

The Heathman Lodge’s website genuinely reflects the comfortable, authentic feel guests receive during a stay at the lodge establishment in Vancouver, WA. The engaging and intuitive site features the Rooms Showcase Module, delivering accommodation information in a highly visual display for visitors, as well as a Points of Interest Map, which acts as a “you are here” dot in relevance to the locations around the visitor.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Showcasing Accommodations
  • Conversion Driving

Website Technology Platform

Powering the Hotel Website and Driving Direct Bookings

Powered by HeBS Digital’s award-winning, proprietary smartCMS v7 technology, the updated website grants The Heathman Lodge comprehensive control over their direct revenue streams. 

Ease-of-use and intuitive capabilities built specifically for the hospitality industry is just the beginning. With over 30 modules, the award-winning smartCMS v7 and its Complete Merchandising Platform allows you to "sell on value" as opposed to "sell on rate," maximize revenues from the direct online channel, solve occupancy needs, convert website visitors and meet revenue goals in ways that were never before possible. 

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Technology and Functionality Highlights

Driving Direct Bookings and Improving the User Experience

  • Rooms Rooms Showcase Module

  • POI Points of Interest Map

  • Gallery Virtual Photo Gallery & Video

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