Salishan Spa & Golf Resort

Salishan Spa & Golf Resort partnered with HeBS Digital to launch a user-friendly website that would showcase the breathtaking retreat and its unique amenities.

The Challenge

Showcase a Breathtaking Resort

As Salishan Spa & Gold Resort's digital partner, we researched a variety of factors during the development process, including a hotel questionnaire, which provides guest composition, feeder markets, seasonality, business opportunities, and more.

We then worked closely with the property to launch a user-friendly website, including a refreshing new design with intuitive navigation, optimized across three screens, that accurately reflects the on-site guest experience.

Salishan Spa & Golf Resort’s website inspires users with its highly visual and informative content, including an extensive gallery of high-resolution photos and search engine optimized copy. These images and text come together to paint a clear picture of the property’s accommodations and on-site facilities, including pages dedicated to the 18-hole golf course and state-of-the-art spa services and treatments. This modern design ultimately drives conversions by making the booking process as easy as possible for users.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Showcasing Unique Amenities
  • Conversion Driving

Website Technology Platform

Powering the Hotel Website and Driving Direct Bookings

Powered by HeBS Digital’s award-winning, proprietary smartCMS v7 technology, the updated website grants Salishan Spa & Golf Resort comprehensive control over their direct revenue streams. 

Ease-of-use and intuitive capabilities built specifically for the hospitality industry is just the beginning. With over 30 modules, the award-winning smartCMS v7 and its Complete Merchandising Platform allows you to "sell on value" as opposed to "sell on rate," maximize revenues from the direct online channel, solve occupancy needs, convert website visitors and meet revenue goals in ways that were never before possible. 

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Technology and Functionality Highlights

Driving Direct Bookings and Improving the User Experience

  • Photo Gallery High Resolution Extensive Photo Gallery

  • Golf Page Dedicated Golf Page with Booking Integration

  • Spa PageDedicated Spa Page

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