Atton Brickell Miami

Atton Brickell Miami partnered with HeBS Digital to launch a user-friendly, engaging site that would speak directly to its customer segments and drive direct bookings.

The Challenge

An Engaging, Modern Website

As Atton Brickell Miami's digital partner, we researched a variety of factors during the development & Design process, including a hotel questionnaire, which provides guest composition, feeder markets, seasonality, business opportunities, and more.

We then launched a responsive, highly-visual, conversion-focused, modern website, with leading-edge functionality to steer visitors to complete the booking and engage with the site.

Adaptive Website Design

Atton Brickell Miami overhauled their online presence with the new website, which boasts a Rooms Showcase Module, presenting the accommodations to the visitor in a highly visual and descriptive format, Smart Personalization Engine to create custom landing pages, promo tiles, and more, based on the visitor profile, and Points of Interest Map, a comprehensive and interactive widget that presents nearby locations in relevance to the visitor. In addition to engaging photos and informative, search engine optimized content, the site features a Smart Booking Widget to make the booking process as seamless as possible, and Reservation Abandonment Applications, targeting visitors who have initiated the booking process and dropped off, with promotional messages to entice them to complete the booking. The new site is well-poised to drive serious revenues for the property and to ultimately improve the hotel’s bottom line.

  • Responsive Design
  • Smart Personalization
  • Revenue Driving

Website Technology Platform

Powering the Hotel Website and Driving Direct Bookings

Powered by HeBS Digital’s award-winning, proprietary smartCMS v7 technology, the updated website grants Atton Brickell Miami comprehensive control over their direct revenue streams. 

Ease-of-use and intuitive capabilities built specifically for the hospitality industry is just the beginning. With over 30 modules, the award-winning smartCMS v7 and its Complete Merchandising Platform allows you to "sell on value" as opposed to "sell on rate," maximize revenues from the direct online channel, solve occupancy needs, convert website visitors and meet revenue goals in ways that were never before possible. 

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Technology and Functionality Highlights

Driving Direct Bookings and Improving the User Experience

  • Rooms Rooms Showcase Module

  • POI Points of Interest Map

  • Booking Widget Smart Booking Widget

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