Website Revenue Optimization Consultation & Client Services

Award-Winning Consulting for the Hospitality Industry

Our mission is to help hoteliers grow the direct online revenue channel through proven and creative methods that produce incremental revenues and meaningful ROIs. As a partner in the online challenge, our clients receive expert and unbiased knowledge built on a foundation of experience, full transparency, responsiveness, and trust. Our tradition is to educate and empower hotel managers and owners to look to the web as its most critical and fastest growing revenue stream for the company. We achieve this through cooperation, partnerships, and fun.

The Website Revenue Optimization Consulting & Client Services Package includes:

  • Dedicated Account Manager and Support Teams:
    • The Account Manager utilizes the full digital marketing toolkit: SEM, SEO, Online Media, Email Marketing, Meta Search, Reservation Recovery Applications, Multi-Channel Marketing, Social Media, etc., to lead the property in achieving maximum revenue from the property website/direct online channel, including:
    • Providing solutions to address business needs at the property:
      • Occupancy
      • Seasonality
      • Ad-hoc needs (group cancellations, etc.)
    • Building and pushing the property rack/retail rate
    • Increasing online sales and leads from targeted customer segments:
      • Meeting planners
      • Group planners
      • Family
      • Leisure
      • Corporate
    • Making proactive reviews and recommendations:
      • Competitive set
      • Market parity
      • Rate parity
      • Shifting share from the OTAs to the property website
    • Providing ongoing monitoring and recommendations for improving the property’s digital marketing presence, including:
      • New revenue generating opportunities
      • New digital marketing channels
      • New digital technology applications
    • Client Professional Development & Best Practices
      • Consulting on best practices
      • Updates on latest digital marketing/technology trends
      • Sharing of latest market research in the digital space
    • Client Communications & Reporting:
      • Client Communications & discussions to review current projects, campaigns, and strategize new marketing initiatives
      • Monthly performance review
      • Monthly reporting & analysis with recommendations for the upcoming month and quarte
    • Digital marketing budget proposals:
      • Annual digital marketing budget proposal
      • Ongoing media planning & proposal
    • Project Management & Coordination:
      • Coordinates digital technology projects with HeBS Digital’s technology departments
      • Coordinates digital marketing campaigns with HeBS Digital’s SEO, SEM, Online Media, Social Media, etc. departments

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