Manage the Look & Feel of Your Site On Your Own

Website design website themes can help differentiate your site from others in the market. They improve the appeal and relevancy of the website, and ultimately enhance user experience and conversions. Easily controlled through the smartCMS, hoteliers can update the look-and-feel of their website with a click of a button to reflect seasonal changes, night and day, holidays and much more! When paired with the other functionalities of the smartCMS – image selection, promotion tile selection, full navigational control and more – these design themes allow you to fully manage the overall look of your site.

Website Design Themes can be used for:

  • Seasons – reflect seasonal changes on property
  • Holidays – highlight upcoming holidays
  • Day or night – switch from “day” to “night” at a specific time each day
  • Customer Segment Sections – give weddings, events or area travel pages a unique look and feel

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