Interactive Points of Interest Map Integration

HeBS Digital’s Interactive “What’s Nearby” functionality is essentially a “you are here” dot in relevance to the locations around you – similar to that of a directory in a shopping mall. The functionality combines any regular attraction pages or “Area Guide” already present on the website into one comprehensive and interactive widget that is simple but intuitive. This eliminates the need to constantly add each location as a Google Map point.

The distance from the hotel to each nearby attraction is calculated automatically based on the hotel’s address. The functionality also features an expandable layout allowing for a description of the location, address, and phone number.

The Interactive “What’s Nearby” functionality makes it easy for potential guests to survey the area, explore destinations and plan their trip. By making sure your hotel is showcased as central to these landmarks through the interactive Google API map, your guest will be one step closer to booking your hotel.


  • Allows a property to showcase itself as central to attractive landmarks in surrounding vicinities.
  • Brands the property to reflect other popular sites and shops.
  • Enhances your website to be more interactive and engaging.
  • Increases time spent during an average website visit.

Front End Technology & Features:

  • Each location pinpointed on interactive map in relevance to hotel address
  • Walking or driving directions for each location from the hotel
  • Location expansion to include description and other relevant information

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