Interactive Promotion Applications for Hoteliers

Increase Occupancy & Engage Customer Segments

An interactive promotion will engage your customer segments, expand the email marketing list and increase occupancy (especially during an upcoming slow season). Interactive promotions are also a great addition to any multichannel marketing campaign.

Hosted as its own mini-site, the promotion is branded to the look and feel of the website and seamlessly integrated with a URL extension such as  For the most traction, we recommend launching a 30-60 day promotion with daily prizes to build a brand relationship and keep customers coming back to your site. Giving away a daily free room will also help increase revenue as most winners will book secondary room nights.

Benefits of the Interactive Promotion:

  • Drives traffic and bookings, especially during slow seasons
  • Engages key customer segments
  • Generates buzz around the property, perfefct for a hotel opening or a new product (i.e. spa)
  • Increases the email opt-in list and customer database
  • Encourage daily visits
  • Includes website links to drive traffic to specific sections of the website

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