The Cutting Edge Guest Portal

What is the Guest Portal?

The Guest Portal is an alternative version of the property website, served to guests while on property. Offering relevant and useful information for property guests to use during their stay, the Guest Portal is a great way to improve customer service and generate hotel service upsells. The Guest Portal features true responsive design to provide the best user experience on all devices.

The Guest Portal can include:

  • Quick hotel facts: check-in/check-out info; phone numbers, business hours, etc.
  • On-property special offers and packages for hotel guests
  • Dining info: restaurant hours, menus reservations
  • Spa info: treatments, pricing, reservations
  • Places of Interest interactive map with all the local attractions and activities
  • Events and happenings at the property and neighborhood

Users may be directed to the Guest Portal upon:

  • The property Wi-Fi: The opening screen upon connection to the hotel's Wi-Fi will direct guests to the Guest Portal (subject to the hotel/Wi-Fi vendor setting this up).
  • The hotel website: Guests on property will be served the Guest Portal when they access the hotel website.

Location is determined through smartphone/tablet location services such as GPS, crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations.

What's Included?

  • Design (choose from a library of 3 mockups; custom designed packages also available)
  • Full CMS (Content Management System) to update content, photos; add new pages, events, specials, etc.
  • Professional copywrighting + SEO for 10 pages
  • Features & Functionality
    • Mobile Friendly True Responsive Design
    • HTML 5 Image Rotation on Home Page
    • Places of Interest Interactive Map
    • OpenTable Reservation Widget
    • Social Media Icons


  • Boost incremental revenues from on-site amenities (spa, dining, special offers, etc.)
  • Provide guests with all the hotel and local information for their stay
  • Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty

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