Local food is a major draw

More travelers than ever are planning trips for the food alone

Adding photos to your website and social media channels of the delicious creations made by your restaurant positions your property as an expert on local cuisine. 

Pop culture influences where people go

Travelers are visiting on-screen locations of their favorite movies and shows

The world's top TV shows will have the biggest influence. Sharing unique experiences related to TV shows or movies filmed in your destination can drive blog traffic.

Staycations are on the rise

People are traveling more
– but not necessarily further away

Showing travelers all the wonderful places and spaces they have yet to discover right on their doorstep can encourage would-be staycationers to book a room.

01 About

01 About

HEBS Digital Content Studio

Reach and engage your best guests with content.

Travel is—and should be—exciting. And searching for, planning, and booking a hotel should be a fun experience. That’s what HeBS Digital's content studio sets out to achieve and it’s the philosophy that drives us. We want to inspire people with content at every stage of the traveler journey, with amazing photography and accessible writing that helps travelers discover the best places to stay in the world's most interesting destinations.

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02 Capabilities


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