Levels of Personalization

As hotels become more complex and evolve in their digital marketing strategies to keep up with consumer demands, the amount of website personalization should develop at an equal rate. Hoteliers can choose the tier of personalization that best fits the needs of the hotel, and if needed, can always graduate to the next level at any time.

Tier 1

This entry-level version of Content Personalization 2.0 allows for the use of geographic and behavioral targeting metrics, such as Country, City, RFP Initiated, Referral Type, Day of Week, and more.

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Tier 2

This is the most common level, which includes more expansive targeting metrics for geographic and behavioral, as well as booking/conversion metrics. Some of the metrics include Abandoned a Booking, Median household annual income, and more.

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Tier 3

Any multi-property company will now have the opportunity to use all of the targeting metrics from tiers 1 and 2, as well as CRM specific metrics extracted from a Loyalty Portal such as RFM Value, Membership Level, Point Balance, and more.

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