Tier 3

Tier 3

All tiers of CP 2.0 are powerful, but Tier 3 is arguably the most powerful and allows for even deeper levels of personalization. With access to all of Tier 1 and 2 metrics, Tier 3 enables Loyalty/CRM targeting metrics such as RFM Value, Membership Level, Point Balance and more. By tapping into the Loyalty Portal data, hoteliers can address more loyalty specific business needs such as increasing loyalty sign-ups, growing top membership level, and more.

No matter the tier, all levels address business needs, but as one goes higher in the tiers, the more granular a user can be with their audience. By utilizing the 55 targeting metrics available in Tier 3, a user can build the following audience to address the business need of increasing ADR:

1. Visitor Membership Level: Set to Gold since those are the loyal customers.

2. RFM Value: Value is “Not Equal to C” (i.e. grading system) since those users will have higher buying power.

3. Avg Cart Total: Starting at $2,000+ to ensure that the personalized content is reaching those who have either stayed longer or booked suites.

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