Tier 1

Tier 1

This entry-level version of  CP 2.0 allows for the use of geographic and behavioral targeting metrics, such as Country, City, RFP Initiated, Referral Type, Day of Week, and more. With Tier 1, you have a narrower scope of targeting metrics available (19 targeting metrics), but you can still implement personalization through Hero Image Marketing Messages, Special Offers and Promo Tiles, Body Copy and Sections, as well as URL Redirects, Java and CSS.

No matter the tier, all levels address business needs, but as one goes higher in the tiers, the more granular a user can be with their audience. By utilizing the 19 targeting metrics available in Tier 1, a user can build the following audience to address the business need of increasing ADR:

1. Referral Type: Set to Direct since those users have been to the website before and are a possible past guest.

2. Has Visited: Create a tag on the suites page to show personalized content regarding suite offers.

3. Country: Target those not in the country that the hotel is located in since those that travel from farther away often times take longer vacations.

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