Fuel Conversions

Fuel Conversions

With 55 targeting metrics to choose from, personalize content in a way you never thought possible.  You can target certain geographic areas, tailor content based on browsing preferences, hone in on intent signals such as booking widget or RFP interactions, and much more. With the personalization capabilities built into the website, impact key content messaging through marketing message and hero images, special offers, promotional tiles, URL Redirects, and more.  With innate CMS technology, you have the option to leverage existing content or create a completely different experience for your guests.

With so many targeting options, build limitless audiences to address key business objectives, such as increasing ADR:

1. Referral Type: Set to Direct since those users have been to the website before and are a possible past guest.

2. Median Household Income: Set to $100k+ to reach people with higher buying power.

3. Country: Target those not in the country that the hotel is located in since those that travel from farther away often times take longer vacations.

4. Avg Cart Total: Starting at $2,000+ to ensure that the personalized content is reaching those who have either stayed longer or booked suites.

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