How Much is 25% of More Direct Revenue?

Use the Revenue Boost Calculator to find out how much additional revenue HEBS Digital will drive for your property by increasing your direct bookings by 25%. After discussing your results with our team, you'll also receive a complimentary Book Direct Action Strategy Plan. Read below to find out how your property can achieve a 25% increase in direct revenues.

Revenue Boost Calculator


If you increased your direct online channel contribution by 25% you would save:

$224,475 / year

How Can Your Property Boost Direct Revenues 25%, Guaranteed?

Did you know that the average acquisition cost for an OTA booking is between 18-25%? Compare that to the average direct booking acquisition cost for a HEBS Digital client at 4.5%. The difference in terms of how an OTA booking cuts into revenues is substantial. 

With supply increasing in most major markets, demand equalizing, competition from non-traditional suppliers like Airbnb, and hotel operation costs increasing, lowering distribution costs is the most important way, if not the only way, many hoteliers will see revenue increases year-over-year.

How will HEBS Digital help you boost direct revenues by 25%, guaranteed? By:

  • Overhauling your online presence: HEBS Digital will build you a website that incorporates the right balance of excellent design, state-of-the-art CMS technology, robust merchandising capabilities and engaging visual and textual content, while providing an optimum user experience from top to bottom.
  • Implementing a 'Book Direct' strategy for your property: your dedicated Website Revenue Optimization Consultant, along with teams that specialize in professional copywriting and SEO, SEM, Smart Data Marketing, Social Media, Website and Campaign Analytics, Programming, and more will help your property own its customers and drive revenues the most cost efficient way possible – through their own property websites. 

Terms & Conditions:
Must Purchase a Full Service Website Design & Digital Marketing Package to see the 25% (or higher) direct website revenue increase. The website revenue increase will be applicable only if Hotel agrees to adequate digital marketing budget based on concrete strategy provided by HEBS Digital Website Revenue Optimization Consultants and industry best practices. The website revenue increase is measured from the date the Hotel website launches along with full Adobe Analytics and all approved digital marketing initiatives and lasts until one year later. The website revenue increase is inclusive of all voice, desktop, mobile and tablet revenues. Hotel must maintain rate parity across all channels for the duration of the year during which the website revenue increase is measured. Hotel must adopt a Best Rate Guarantee and a Book Direct Incentive on the Hotel website. If HEBS Digital does not increase hotel website revenues by 25%, we will make up the difference in services and/or products (excludes advertising spend and monetary refunds). Hotel must provide previous year’s analytics/reports.