October 2, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Janki, Web Analyst

What’s your role at HEBS Digital and what do you do?

I am a Web Analyst here at HEBS Digital. I work on reporting and analyzing data within the Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics platforms. I think it’s super cool that I am able to understand basic analytics coding and also use various platforms to capture revenue and marketing initiatives for our wide range of clients.


What did you do before working at HEBS Digital?

HEBS Digital was my first full-time job right out of college. I was a marketing major, but didn’t have a specific direction on what I wanted to do with my degree. After my first interview at HEBS, I knew this was the perfect fit for me!


What’s your favorite part about your job?

There are a few things that I love about my job, but if I had to pick one it would be the challenge. As a marketing major, I never planned on going into analytics. Working on how to comprehend and analyze data, check our coding on websites, and work with various marketing platforms other than Adobe and Google Analytics has given me great insight on how marketing in the real world actually works.


What’s your favorite destination you’ve been to before, and why?

India! Not only because it’s my home country, but it really feels like a whole different world. There are people, cars, food, drinks, shops, and animals around every corner you turn. One of my favorite things about India is that I always get treated with great hospitality. The employees in shops bring you various food and drink options and up-to-date fashion choices, all with a smile on their face just to ensure that you are being treated like you’re #1.


What’s an essential item you can’t travel without?


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About HEBS Digital:

Founded in 2001, the firm is headquartered in New York City and has global offices in Las Vegas, Tallinn, Munich, and Auckland. Through its Smart Guest Acquisition Suite, including the smartCMS®, Content Personalization Engine, Smart Data Marketing, and full-service digital consulting and marketing solutions, HEBS Digital helps hoteliers drastically boost direct bookings, lower distribution costs, and increase the lifetime value of guests. Its diverse client portfolio consists of top-tier luxury and boutique hotel chains, independent hotels, resorts and casinos, franchised properties and hotel management companies, convention centers, spas, restaurants, DMO and tourist offices.

Part of NextGuest Technologies, HEBS Digital and Serenata CRM, the most comprehensive Hotel CRM Suite today, are the creators of the hospitality industry’s first Fully-Integrated Guest Engagement & Acquisition Platform.

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