June 13, 2018

Coffee Chat: Sojern & HEBS Digital

Long-time strategic partners Patrick Merryman, senior digital media executive at HEBS Digital, and Kurt Weinsheimer, SVP of Property Solutions at Sojern, sat down to discuss the ways in which Sojern is helping the hotel industry reach their best guest.


Patrick: What is Sojern’s core product/offering?

Kurt: Sojern (www.sojern.com) is travel’s marketing demand engine for thousands of hotels around the world. Specializing in traveler path-to-purchase data for more than a decade, Sojern uses proprietary data science methods to analyze billions of travel intent signals and reach in-market travelers with highly relevant marketing messages.

Hotels today are expected to engage with consumers via an unprecedented level of personalization and sophistication, across multiple platforms and devices. Sojern provides hotel marketers with the latest in multi-channel targeting capabilities including dynamic creative, video and native formats, as well as SEM powered by machine learning. With the recent acquisition of Adphorus, the #1 Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner for travel, Sojern customers now engage with Facebook’s 2B daily visitors to target travelers at every stage of their planning.

For example, if you are a hotel property in San Francisco, Sojern can reach travelers that are actively searching for flights—on mobile phone or desktop—and show them a Facebook or SEM ad for your hotel’s website to drive direct demand. This helps hoteliers reach the right person at the right time with the right message, and it provides a better user experience for customers because they see ads related to their search.

From pay-for-performance digital display to Facebook to video advertising, Sojern can support a hotel’s marketing strategy at any stage.

P: How is Sojern most commonly integrated into a hoteliers’ digital strategy?

K: Sojern works to meet the individual goals of our hotel clients, whatever they may be. If a hotel is looking to raise its brand awareness, for example, Sojern can focus on branding and activities that build awareness and affinity. If they are looking to drive direct bookings and bolster the bottom line, Sojern has a number of solutions to optimize a direct booking strategy and help convert passing travelers into confirmed stays. To date, we’ve driven $13 billion in bookings for our clients, by activating both multi-channel branding and performance solutions on our Sojern Traveler Platform.


P: What is a key differentiator from some of your competitors?

K: No other company has more experience analyzing behavior in the complex traveler path to purchase across the industry landscape: in travel data science in air, hotel, cruise, tourism and transportation. We’ve been focused on travel for more than a decade, helping brands activate predictive purchase signals and our 350 million global traveler profiles into effective brand and performance marketing campaigns that consistently deliver results. And our multi-channel expertise across display, video, SEM, and Facebook allows our clients to more cost-effectively engage and convert travelers around the world.


P: Tell us about a success story.

K: Longboat Key Club, a four-star luxury beachfront resort and private club in Florida, wanted to increase bookings while maintaining a low cost per reservation. They partnered with Sojern to increase overall profitability by driving conversions through regional channel optimization and improved stay patterns in a relatively short campaign period. Sojern targeted Florida-bound leisure travelers through a successful optimized ad campaign offering resort credit.

Campaign objectives were clear: increase multiple night stays, drive hotel bookings while keeping the cost of reservations low, and drive Florida-bound leisure travelers to this more remote location.

In the end, Sojern experienced a 40 percent bounce rate, which is 30 percent better than other ad agencies. At a low cost per booking, Sojern beat the OTA cost at 50 percent, and the property experienced a 22x return on investment (ROI).

Jeff Mayers, general manager of The Resort at Longboat Key Club, said, “We were successful in reaching and converting highly targeted travelers who were researching and booking air travel to select markets in Florida. This let us filter off those guests who were not necessarily interested in traveling to our destination, and get to the guests we needed to reach, exactly when we needed to reach them in the planning cycle.”

About Sojern

Built on a decade of expertise analyzing the complete traveler path to purchase, Sojern drives travelers from dream to destination. The company delivered $13B in bookings for its clients to date by activating multi-channel branding and performance solutions on the Sojern Traveler Platform.

Recognized on the Top Company Cultures list by Entrepreneur Magazine, Sojern is headquartered in San Francisco, with teams based in Berlin, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, New York, Omaha, Paris, Singapore, and Sydney.

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About HEBS Digital:

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