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2013 Hotel Mobile Technology Trends

Mobile is an important travel planning and hotel distribution channel that must be embraced in 2013. Moreover, while mobile phone and tablet devices are considered “mobile” devices, they should be treated as separate distribution channels with their own respective marketing initiatives.

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Case Study: Is TripAdvisor’s “Show Prices” CPC Program a Viable Direct Online Distribution Channel in Hospitality?

In an ever-increasing world of user reviews, TripAdvisor has become a mainstay in the research phase of travel purchases. With over 54 million monthly visitors and more than 75 million reviews, it is clear that TripAdvisor is a cornerstone in the travel industry.

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Industry Pulse Poll Analysis: Hoteliers Focus on the Property Website in 2013

The direct online channel has grown into the most important avenue for hoteliers to utilize to achieve the highest ROIs. This push toward digital is continuing, as hoteliers plan to allocate a large portion of their budgets toward their website in 2013.

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Is Hotel SEO Dead? Not by a Long Shot – More Than Half of Your Website’s Revenue Depends on It

Marketers love exclaiming “SEO is dead!” and heralding the next big thing that will save your website – social media, retargeting, mobile, tablets, you name it. However, regardless of what some in the industry say, SEO is still alive and well.

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The Smart Hotelier’s Guide to 2013 Digital Marketing Budget Planning

Having just passed the mid-year mark, now is a good time to reflect on how events in 2012 have made a significant impact on hoteliers and how they should plan their digital marketing budgets for next year. The emergence of SoLoMo (the convergence of social, local and mobile); tablets as a distinct marketing and distribution category; new social media platforms such as Google+ and Pinterest; and ongoing Google algorithm updates that have made many hotel websites obsolete are just some of the topics that have made headlines so far this year.

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Hotel Website Analytics: Is There Such Thing as Free Lunch? A Comparative Analysis of Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics

Digital marketing is all about results. Unlike offline marketing, in the online and mobile space we can track and analyze ROIs from our online marketing campaign results quickly and accurately over the Internet. There is no medium that allows tracking like the Internet does, yet in hospitality, we didn’t adopt these tracking technologies at first introduction. Instead, we relied on cheap or free analytical tools to provide us with important information used to make major decisions. As a result, we are often basing integral marketing decisions on inferior information.

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Will the Hospitality Industry Tango with Tingo?

On March 21, 2012, TripAdvisor subsidiary Smarter Travel Media launched Tingo.com, a new hotel-booking site.

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Hotelier's 2012 Mobile Marketing MUST Dos and Don'ts

Max Starkov, HeBS Digital's President and CEO, was interviewed recently by Michelle Renn, Managing Editor of "Inside Hotel Online Today (Hotel Online)" on this year's hottest topic: mobile marketing and mobile distribution channel in hospitality.

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Converging Social & Mobile: Why 2012 is going to be "The Year of SoLoMo"

Recently, Margaret Mastrogiacomo, HeBS Digital's Manager of New Media & Creative Strategy presented at EyeforTravel's Social Media Strategies for Travel North America 2012. Margaret had a professional chat with Ritesh Gupta, Managing Editor/ Global Correspondent at EyeforTravel, about converging social and mobile in an online marketing strategy.

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Meet Industry Experts on the Future of Hotel Website Design

I recently sat down with Tim Skylarov, Creative Director and Vladimir Sobolev, Senior Web Developer – Special Projects to examine the latest best practices in website design and digital marketing technologies. We discussed the need for hoteliers to re-evaluate their website re-design strategies and budget for website re-design and optimization overhaul in 2012.

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An Interview with Cleverdis & Max Starkov on Social Media

Interview with Max Starkov, President & CEO, HeBS Digital, on the hot topic of the hotel community manager and the emergence of this new role as a rapidly growing profession.

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Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Dos and Don'ts in 2012

In 2012, the Search Engines Still Rule Hotel Distribution
In 2012, a time focused on new distribution channels, social, local, mobile, and the ever-changing digital marketplace, hoteliers must still remember that the tried and trusted search engines are still the key driver of direct online hotel distribution. Across the HeBS Digital portfolio in 2011, 58% of all traffic, 48% of bookings and 47% of all online revenue came directly from the top three search engines.

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Action Plan to Ensure Your Hotel Website is ADA-Compliant

What's the Issue?
The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a civil rights law created to increase accessibility for millions of Americans with disabilities. The law was updated in 2010 and now calls for new ADA Standards for Accessible Design which included revised requirements, for everything from outdoor recreational areas to websites and online booking processes, to be implemented by March 15th, 2012. The crux of the law is to make sure that everyone, including those with disabilities, has access to the Internet.

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The New Google Venice Update - Is Your Hotel Website Optimized for Hyper-Local SEO?

In February of this year, Google quietly rolled out the Venice update, which has a heavy impact on the localization of search.

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The 2012 Do's & Don'ts of Hotel Distribution

In 2012, hoteliers face more challenges than ever. From resolving to concentrate on "SoLoMo" (social, local, mobile marketing), to navigating "new" distribution channels, to implementing a Google+ strategy, to improving local search rankings via citations, it is near-impossible for a hotelier to distinguish viable strategies from trendy or temporary opportunities without a dedicated digital marketing partner.

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How Google+ Affects the Hotelier's SEO Strategy

Google recently rolled out "Search Plus Your World," a layout that includes social recommendations made by users in your Google+ circles. As Google seems to be favoring its own social networks, it is imperative that hotels develop a Google+ page.

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Smart Hotelier's 2012 Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions

Last year the economy remained in "recovery mode", allowing the industry to focus its efforts more on marketing to the travel consumer and less on scaling back budgets for the first time in several years.

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