2011 HeBS Digital Articles

How "Fresh" is Your Hotel Website?

In the wake of the most recent Google “Freshness Update”, HeBS Digital has taken a stance with a dedication to “fresh content”.

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Top 20 Secrets to Success in Hotel SMS Mobile Marketing

With the rapid growth of the mobile channel, SMS marketing is becoming a vital component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

By Margaret Mastrogiacomo

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The Smart Hotelier's Guide to 2012 Digital Marketing Budget Planning

2012 is quickly approaching. This is the perfect time to take a step back, review the state of the industry as well as your property's successes and failures in 2011, and prepare for a year of driving the most revenue ever through your most cost-efficient channel - the hotel website.

By Max Starkov and Mariana Mechoso Safer

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It’s Time for a Mid-Year Course Correction: The Results of the Annual Survey on Digital Marketing Are In

The results of the industry’s 5th Annual Benchmark Survey on Hotel Digital Marketing Budget Planning and Best Practices are in! Now is the perfect time for hoteliers to re-assess their digital marketing practices,compare notes with their peers, and if warranted, perform a 2011 midyear course correction.

By Max Starkov & Mariana Mechoso Safer

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A Case Study on Utilizing a Sophisticated SEM Technology to Increase Conversions, Boost Revenues and Optimize Search Engine Marketing ROIs

By utilizing state-of-the art SEM management technology, we are able to achieve consistent ROIs of 1,000% and above for many of our clients. In an effort to really prove the value of using this sophisticated technology, HeBS Digital conducted a pre- and post-study over a 12-month period, using Adobe® SearchCenter+, powered by Omniture® and introducing bid rules at the midpoint.

By Jason Price & Toby Tornay

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It's Official: The Dumbest Hotel Distribution Idea!

Back in 2010, in the height of the Flash Sales craze when HeBS Digital believed the industry had reached the very bottom of the “pseudo-innovative distribution idea pit,” another even more damaging and far dumber distribution idea began to take hold: an auction site called Off & Away.

By Max Starkov

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Controlling Distribution Costs in Hospitality

(Article - Hotels Magazine)

Hoteliers have been rightfully confused by headlines about the changing landscape of hotel distribution, from articles titled "Google will change your hotel's distribution strategy" and "Facebook as a commerce engine" to "How to make Twitter sell" and "Mobile apps to impact hotel distribution". This article describes how hoteliers may utilize the most cost-effective channels to control distribution costs.

by Max Starkov

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The Future is Now: The Emergence of The Customer Engagement Channel in Hospitality

Today's hotelier is faced with a big challenge: to capture and retain the attention of consumers who are constantly on-the-go and becoming increasingly aware of their control over the way they receive and interact with your marketing messages. This behavior is forcing a complete channel convergence, in which all marketing and distribution channels are combining into a single channel to engage the customer - the Customer Engagement Channel.

by Max Starkov and Mariana Mechoso Safer

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HeBS Best Practices: 2011 Social Media Resolutions

As we welcome 2011, it is safe to say that a presence on Facebook and Twitter with a well-developed social media strategy in place can no longer be ignored. With the beginning of a new year, it is important to outline metrics and goals for your social media strategy in 2011. Understanding where your social media strategy has been in 2010 is one of the first steps in determining how your strategy needs to evolve in 2011 to build a stronger connection with fans and followers.

by Margaret Mastrogiacomo and Allison Sena

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The HeBS Perspective: Lessons from the TripAdvisor vs. Google Controversy

In December 2010, TripAdvisor customer reviews disappeared from Google Places listings, causing a stir among hoteliers. Whereas a previous Google search for "hotels in West Hollywood" would have populated Google Places listings (among other results) with guests' comments from TripAdvisor, these customer reviews suddenly disappeared from Places pages. What is the HeBS Digital perspective on the subject, and what do we recommend hoteliers do?

by Lauren DeGeorge

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The HeBS Perspective: Members-Only, Flash Sales and Group Buying Sites - Are These New Retail Concepts a Good Idea for Hotel Distribution?

Emerging as a result of the recession, members-only, flash sale and group buying sites have gained traction and paramount growth over the past three years. Although originally associated with limited, discounted, higher-end products, these new retail concepts are now encroaching on all consumer product categories, including travel and hospitality. Should hoteliers participate? Read the HeBS Digital perspective on the subject.

by Sara O'Brien

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HeBS Digital Best Practices: 2011 Social Media Marketing Resolutions

From measuring social media ROI to integrating mobile into your social media strategy, there’s a lot to conquer in 2011. Explore our social media guide to 2011, and determine which New Year resolutions work best for your social media presence.

by Margaret Mastrogiacomo and Allison Sena

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Hotelier's 2011 Top Ten Internet Marketing Resolutions

While 2010 was not quite the tough year the industry feared it would be, hoteliers still grappled with a number of challenging issues: a slowly recovering economy, the ever-changing world of social media and the mobile Web, mobile-obsessed consumers and customer review enthusiasts, and significant revenue leakage from hotels to OTAs in the form of abnormally high merchant commissions. These challenges led to a fundamental shift in hotel Internet marketing tactics, including the need for multichannel marketing, engaging the new breed of on-the-go hyper-interactive travel consumers, and a smarter approach to analytics to determine what really works for hoteliers with limited marketing dollars available.

by Max Starkov and Mariana Mechoso Safer

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