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Top Five Secrets to Building a Successful Hotel Multichannel Marketing Campaign

31 May 2016

How do you engage today’s multi-device, multi-channel travel consumer and inspire a direct booking? This question fuels hotel marketers’ digital strategies and marketing dollars. Yet, when navigating the constantly evolving digital landscape, building successful campaigns that reach customers throughout the booking funnel can be daunting without the right strategy.  Today’s travelers are digitally connected all over the world and inspired to take action—and the hotel brands that use multichannel marketing campaigns to reach customers in intent-rich moments across devices will win the customer’s heart, mind, and ultimately the booking.  So what exactly does a successful multichannel campaign look like?

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How Hospitality Can Heal Its Self-Inflicted Wound and Decrease OTA Dependency

16 Jul 2016

The year of 2016 will be the first in which OTA revenues in the U.S. will surpass brand.com revenues in hospitality. The OTA vs. brand.com (direct online channel) ratio will dip to 51:49, compared to 46:54 back in 2012 (PhoCusWright). Hospitality is the ONLY travel sector in which the OTAs are gaining share at the expense of brand.com; direct online revenues from the airline, car rental and cruise sectors are all increasing at the expense of the OTAs in 2016.

In my view, one of the main reasons for why hospitality has allowed and continues to allow the OTAs to triumph over brand.com and to keep increasing their market share is the way the industry accounts for distribution costs from the OTA vs. the direct online channels.

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Luxury Hotel Digital Marketing: Checklist to Turning the Luxury Hotel Experience into Online Bookings

9 May 2016

Global luxury travel remains the fastest-growing of all the tourism and travel sectors, with luxury hotel chains experiencing significant worldwide growth in 2015 (Travel Market Report, World Travel Monitor). The luxury hotel market is expected to reach $195.27 billion by 2021 as upscale hotels emerge as a key hospitality focus in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and other regions. Additionally, leisure travel is anticipated to be the category of largest growth for affluent and luxury consumers (Transparency Market Research).  How can you convert the luxury traveler’s dream into a reality, at the lowest cost of sale per booking for your property? Here are ten tips for luxury hotel digital marketing to turn the hotel experience into bookings and ROI.

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