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Case Study from the Trenches: HeBS Digital Generates Significant Revenues Targeting International Luxury Travelers

17 Dec 2014

One of the most pervasive challenges hoteliers face is how to effectively speak to and engage with their various customer segments online. Online media and retargeting is the perfect advertising format to target specific customer segments and drive direct bookings and customer engagements.

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Adaptive vs. Full Responsive Design in Hospitality: How to Choose the Right Option for Your Property

3 Dec 2014

Today, there are two prevailing “schools of thought” regarding website design and optimizing the hotel website for the multi-screen device world we live in: Responsive Website Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD). Learn which option best fits your needs with this helpful guide.

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The 2 New Google Updates Every Hotelier Should Know About

20 Nov 2014

Organic search is the leading source of traffic for hotel websites, and over 50% of online revenue in the hospitality industry originates from the search engines. So it’s no secret that Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, the art and science of improving a site’s organic search rankings) is a vital part of every hotel’s marketing toolkit.

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Cyber Monday is Almost Here. Are You Ready? HeBS Digital Generated 30:1 Return for a Hotel Client with a Cyber Monday Campaign

7 Nov 2014

Online shoppers spent .74 billion dollars on Cyber Monday last year, making it the largest online shopping day in history. HeBS Digital helps its clients take advantage of the online holiday shopping season frenzy and increase website bookings with a Cyber Monday Interactive Marketing Application and multi-channel campaign.

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Case Study from the Trenches: HeBS Digital Increases ‘Likes’ by 896% for TRYP New York City using Facebook Advertising

20 Oct 2014

Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer ad-targeting options that use the hotel/resort/casino’s own data to reach highly qualified users with relevant messages and offers. Utilizing these smart targeting opportunities is translating into higher engagement levels and much more efficient use of hotel digital marketing dollars on social media platforms.

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Thinking Outside the Vendor RFP Process in Hospitality Digital Marketing

15 Oct 2014

Why do hotel companies go through an RFP process when selecting a website design vendor or a digital marketing firm? For some, this is due to corporate mandates, for others there is a “We have always done it this way” mentality.It is time to break the vendor RFP mindset and recognize that with modern alternatives, the antiquated vendor RFP process plays little value in meeting the needs of our fast-moving digital marketplace. The process is inefficient, expensive, and sets up a potentially adversarial situation in short order.

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How Dynamic Content Personalization Maximizes Website Revenues and Increases Customer Loyalty

9 Oct 2014

Dynamic Content Personalization allows hoteliers to leverage their “big data” about past guests’ on-property behavior, stay preferences, dining and activity purchasing habits while on property.  This is one of the smart tools hoteliers must employ to better engage customers, gain advantage over the competition, and shift market share away from the OTAs.

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Video on Dynamic Rate Marketing Illustrates the New Direct-Response Marketing Category

8 Oct 2014

See how Dynamic Rate Marketing dramatically increases campaign effectiveness, boosts conversion rates, and increases direct online bookings for hotels.

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The Smart Hotelier’s Guide to 2015 Digital Marketing Budget Planning

21 Aug 2014

This article outlines how to structure your budget so that you can shift more bookings to the direct online channel, better utilize your marketing dollars by increasing campaign effectiveness, and generate the highest returns possible from your property website and digital marketing initiatives.

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SEO is a Journey, Not a Destination: How to Implement an Ongoing SEO Strategy and Maximize Website Revenue

18 Aug 2014

For years now hotel marketers have claimed that search engines are on the way out as a viable marketing and distribution channel in hospitality. These claims, of course, have been followed with boasts of “the next big thing” to save hotel distribution – from social media to the mobile channel and wearable devices. Why are we even talking about SEO in this day and age? HeBS Digital’s own experience categorically shows that more than half of website booking revenue across our client portfolio comes as direct referral from the search engines, including organic and paid search.

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The Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Online Media Agency

4 Aug 2014

In the fast-paced, always-innovating online media space, hotel marketers have a newfound opportunity to invest in higher converting campaigns with increasingly smarter targeting technologies. Today’s hotel marketer must have a forward-thinking and hospitality-focused online media partner who can guide them in bringing the most ROIs from this growing and complex channel. Consider the following questions when choosing an online media partner. 

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Mid-Year Review: The Rising Tide of Mobile Bookings – How Hoteliers Can Stay Afloat

28 Jul 2014

In the first half of 2014, the massive shift from desktop to mobile and tablet devices continues its rigorous pace and now over 42% of web visitors and nearly 38% of page views were generated from non-desktop devices (mobile and tablet), while nearly 16% of bookings and 19% of room nights came from tablets and mobile devices. Hoteliers must invest in and take advantage this multi-channel, multi-device world we live in.

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The Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Partner

14 Jul 2014

Any hotel that has a high revenue-generating website and a strong digital marketing strategy that drives direct online bookings needs a great hotel digital marketing agency behind it. With serious revenues at stake, here are some questions to consider when deciding on whom to partner with, or whether or not to stay with your current agency.

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Case Studies: Independent Hotel Recovers Tens of Thousands in Abandoned Bookings with Reservation Email Retargeting

11 Jul 2014

Nearly 95% of site visitors who initiate a reservation abandon the process before completing the booking. Reservation Email Retargeting enables a hotel to send an email to any user who starts but does not finish the reservation process, reminding them to complete their reservation. This case study shows how an independent property saw tens of thousands in recovered revenue as a result of Reservation Email Retargeting—a 1710% ROAS.

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Dynamic Rate Marketing – Hotelier’s Powerful New Weapon to Shift Share from the OTAs

2 Jun 2014

What is Dynamic Rate Marketing (DRM)? DRM is a next-generation direct-response marketing category, which allows real-time hotel inventory availability and pricing to be inserted in various marketing initiatives: from display advertising to meta search and email marketing.

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The Shift in Desktop to Mobile & Tablet Continues to Transform Hotel Bookings in Q1 2014

28 Apr 2014

The results from Q1 of 2014 demonstrate a tremendous and continuous shift in hotel bookings and customer engagements from desktop to mobile and tablet devices. Over 36% of web visitors and nearly 34% of page views were generated from non-desktop devices (mobile and tablet), while over 15% of bookings and nearly 14% of room nights and revenue came from tablets and mobile devices. There is no doubt that hoteliers must up their marketing and distribution game in this multi-channel, multi-device world we live in.

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Four multi-faceted ways that meta-search can, and must, help hotels take on the OTAs

14 Apr 2014

Meta-search is maturing and has a huge impact on how consumers purchase travel today. It should also have a big impact on how hotels market and price their product. Max Starkov, president and founder of HeBS digital (who will be speaking at EyeforTravel’s Conference “Online Marketing Strategies for Travel 2014: The Americas & Caribbean,” June 2, 2014 at the Ritz Carlton in Miami), tells us why meta-search is not a distribution channel and why it should not be a ‘set-and-forget’ initiative.

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Smart Hotelier’s 2014 Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions

2 Jan 2014

No matter where are you in implementing your property's direct online channel strategy, now is the perfect time for reflection and planning ahead. 2013, a year of growth in our industry, has also been a year chock full of major industry developments, including the explosion of meta search travel sites, mobile and tablet growth, major Google updates, and new technology advancements.

2014 is expected to be another great year in hospitality. All three key performance indicators are expected to experience growth, over the already robust growth of 2013. Read on to learn how you can reap the benefits of this continued growth and understand where to focus your strategy next year.

By Max Starkov & Mariana Safer

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The Top 10 Questions Hoteliers Should Be Asking Their SEO Vendor

12 Mar 2014

With Google releasing over 500 algorithm updates each year and search engine results constantly in flux, SEO best practices are always evolving. Choosing the correct SEO vendor is a crucial factor in creating and implementing an efficient digital marketing strategy. Consider the following questions when deciding on the right vendor.

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HeBS Digital Interviews Facebook’s Head of Travel, Lee McCabe

10 Mar 2014

With over 1.2 billon users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most advantageous marketing platforms in existence. Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Director of Creative Strategy for HeBS Digital, set out to ask the questions found on every hotelier’s mind about Facebook in her interview with Lee McCabe, Head of Travel at Facebook for The Hotel Yearbook.

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Nico Osteria Restaurant Wins IMA Outstanding Achievement Award

6 Mar 2014

Nico Osteria, a rustic Italian seafood restaurant at the Thompson Chicago, has won an IMA Outstanding Achievement Award for their website, which was designed and developed by HeBS Digital.

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HeBS Digital Launches the Kahler Hotels Website, Showcasing History through Modern Design

5 Mar 2014

In creating the Kahler Hotels website, HeBS Digital seamlessly captured the legacy of the Kahler brand by maintaining its image of sophistication, elegance, and most importantly, its easy access to the Mayo Clinic, making the collection the ideal choice for visiting medical professionals, guests seeking treatment, family members of patients and more.

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The Industry Has Spoken: Adaptive Web Design is the Winning Strategy

4 Mar 2014

At the recent HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference in New York, a panel of distinguished industry leaders discussed the prevailing two “schools of thought” regarding Responsive Website Design. The panel confirmed our viewpoint, concluding that:

  • Responsive website design is here to stay in this three-screen world we now live in (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • If you want to do responsive design right, Adaptive Web Design/Responsive Design on Server Side (RESS) is the better approach

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HeBS Digital Interviews Google’s Rob Torres, an Industry Innovator

27 Feb 2014

With travel consumers turning more and more to the Internet for research and booking, Google is becoming an ever-more-important player in hoteliers’ digital marketing strategies. To gain insight into Google’s thoughts on the future of technology and digital marketing in the travel sector, President & CEO of HeBS Digital, Max Starkov, interviewed Rob Torres, Managing Director, Travel, at Google, for HSMAI’s Hotel Yearbook 2014.

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Case Studies from the Trenches: Understanding Voice Channel Contribution to Digital Marketing Campaign Conversions & ROIs

26 Feb 2014

In our latest joint case study with the reservations sales experts at NAVIS, presented by Max Starkov and Michelle Marquis at the 2014 HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference in New York City yesterday, we provided hoteliers with strategies to help understand true ROIs by integrating both online and offline conversion tracking.

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HeBS Digital Launches the SIXTY Hotels Website, a Study in Creative Functionality

25 Feb 2014

HeBS Digital is excited to announce the launch of the new SIXTY Hotels website, www.sixtyhotels.com. The site matches the personality and identity of the new brand perfectly, featuring evocative cityscape sketches, seamless site architecture, straightforward search engine-optimized copy, and vivid images.

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HeBS Digital Launches the New Triumph Hotels Website

13 Feb 2014

HeBS Digital is proud to announce the launch of the new Triumph Hotels brand website, www.triumphhotels.com, featuring a one of a kind, sophisticated design that showcases this distinctly New York boutique hotel collection. The collection includes six distinct properties: The Iroquois New York, Hotel Chandler, Hotel Belleclaire, The Cosmopolitan, The Gershwin and The Washington Jefferson.

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HeBS Digital Launches PacificaHotels.com, the Perfect Balance of Excellent Design and State-of-the-Art Technology

4 Feb 2014

HeBS Digital is proud to announce the launch of the new Pacifica Hotels brand website, www.pacificahotels.com. The hospitality brand – operating more than 25 hotels in California, Florida and Hawaii – wanted a revenue-generating site that provided a seamless user experience and utilized vivid images to showcase its comfortable accommodations and scenic settings.

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The Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Paid Search Vendor

30 Jan 2014

In spite of the array of trendy new digital marketing initiatives and formats available to hoteliers today, the reliable old search engines still generate more than 50% of website revenue in hospitality (HeBS Digital, OTX Research).

Choosing the correct paid search vendor is the first step toward creating and executing highly effective SEM campaigns. Here are some of the questions you should be asking a potential paid search vendor before making a decision that could make major contributions to your bottom line.

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The Top 10 Questions Hoteliers Should Be Asking Their Website Design Vendor

20 Jan 2014

In the multi-screen world we live in today, hoteliers must meet the needs of their guests on every device. This means investing in technology that allows for the best user experience on the three screens: desktop, mobile and tablet.

A number of important factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on the right website design firm. Here are some of the questions you should be asking a potential website design vendor before making a decision that could either reward your property immensely, or destroy your property’s bottom line.

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HeBS Digital Launches the New Nico Osteria Restaurant Website

10 Jan 2014

HeBS Digital is proud to announce the official launch of www.nicoosteria.com, the website of Nico Osteria at the recently opened Thompson Chicago. The authentically Italian seafood restaurant – located in the heart of Chicago’s upscale Gold Coast area – needed a vibrant and visually rich website to match its unconventionally creative and approachable fare, and HeBS Digital created just that.

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HeBS Digital Helps Hoteliers Start the Year in Good Digital Health

6 Jan 2014

This year will be another growth year in the hotel online channel, with further explosion in meta search, mobile and tablet channels, and dramatic effects caused by Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update. We will witness the advent of dynamic price advertising and reservation recovery applications, as well as new online media retargeting and behavioral targeting opportunities. To promote good digital health in 2014, HeBS Digital is offering a complimentary digital health assessment of the hotel property and competitive pricing for its Responsive Website Design Packages (desktop + mobile + tablet) to enable hoteliers stay up to speed with all the recent industry changes and innovations.

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