Is your current website performing to its full potential?

Did you know an increase of 40% in website conversion can result in as much as $200,000 in incremental direct online revenue? Partner with HEBS Digital for guaranteed conversion increase and revenue added to the bottom line.

Boost Direct Bookings with a 40% Uplift in Website Conversion Rate, Guaranteed

Less than 2% of hotel website visitors make a booking. How can a 40% increase in conversion rate translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) added to your bottom line?

For example, a hotel website with 20,000 visitors a month receives a conversion rate of 1%. At an ADR of $200 a night for a 2-night stay, this hotel would see the following incremental revenue gain. 

Metric 1% Conversion Rate 1.4% Conversion Rate
Bookings 200 280
Room Nights 400 560
Monthly Revenue $80,000 $112,000
Yearly Revenue $960,000 $1,344,000

An increase in conversion rate of 40% in this scenario translates to an additional $384,000 in revenue a year.

Partner with HEBS Digital for a guaranteed 40% uplift in website conversion rate when you purchase a new website. You’ll also receive:

  • 25% credit towards a new responsive website
  • Complimentary Smart Personalization tools
  • Complimentary set-up for a Reservation Abandonment Program
  • Complimentary Website Conversion Rate Strategy and Action Plan
  • Complimentary 2018 Digital Marketing Budget and Action Plan

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Terms & Conditions:
Must Purchase a Responsive Website Design & Digital Marketing Package to see the 40% (or higher) website conversion rate increase. The website conversion rate increase will be applicable only if Hotel agrees to adequate digital marketing budget based on concrete strategy provided by HEBS Digital Website Revenue Optimization Consultants and industry best practices. The website conversion rate increase is measured from the date the Hotel website launches along with full Adobe Analytics and all approved digital marketing initiatives and lasts until one year later. The website conversion rate increase is inclusive of all voice and responsive website revenues. Hotel must maintain rate parity across all channels for the duration of the year during which the distribution cost decrease is measured. Hotel must adopt a Best Rate Guarantee and a Book Direct Incentive on the Hotel website. If HEBS Digital does not increase website conversion rates by 40%, we will make up the difference in services and/or products (excludes advertising spend and monetary refunds). Hotel must provide previous year’s analytics/reports.