2019 Budgeting Trends Whitepaper

Smart Hotelier's Guide to 2019 Digital Marketing & Technology Budget Planning

With budgeting season comes the time to analyze digital marketing initiatives and plan for trends that may arise throughout the year. When constructing your budget, think about upgrades your property needs to make regarding digital technology and marketing strategy. 

Knowledge of where the industry's key benchmarks are headed is critical to budgeting appropriately and knowing where to focus your efforts to see results. According to STR, the US hotel industry is projected to see growth, slow yet steady, through 2019. However, supply will continue to outweigh demand in many major markets (2.3% vs 2%). Occupancy is increasing by 0.3%, ADRs are growing by 2.4%, and RevPAR is increasing by 2.7% (STR, Tourism Economics. 

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