Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Reach Consumers at Every Online Touch Point

A Scavenger Hunt is a fun and engaging interactive contest aimed to entertain customers, create buzz, and increase the hotel email opt-in list, mobile list, and the number of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Hosted as its own mini-site, the scavenger hunt provides users clues that will be revealed through interactive consumer touch points: mobile, email, and social media. The clues will be terms that best describe the brand to help build brand positioning in the minds of consumers. The Scavenger Hunt campaign can last for 5,7,10 or more days (7-10 days is recommended to keep users engaged). The Grand Prize will be awarded to the contest winner, and consolation prizes will be awarded to each participant who completes the contest on time and collects all of the clues.


  • Builds fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter
  • Creates Buzz
  • Grows the email opt-in list
  • Builds a phone number database for mobile marketing
  • Adds engaging interactive element to the website
  • Grows traffic to the hotel website through marketing links from the mini-site
  • Builds an elite loyal customer base of Brand Ambassadors
  • Highlights full service amenities and special packages
  • Encourages entrants to book specific specials and packages

Click here to download the Interactive Scavenger Hunt Product Description