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HeBS Digital's talented creative and web development team has won over 250 website design industry awards. We utilize both Full Responsive Website Design (RWD) or Adaptive Web Design (AWD), also known as Responsive Design on Server Side/RESS, the two prevailing website design approaches to ensure superior presence of the hotel, resort or casino website in the desktop, mobile and tablet channels. Choose Full Responsive Design for simpler and “thinner content” websites and Adaptive Web Design for more upscale properties and/or complex websites with deeper content. Click here to read more on which option to choose for your property website.

Our award-winning design is supported by the industry-leading smartCMS Content Management System to ensure that all website content (visual, promotional and textual) across the three screens (desktop, mobile and tablet) is managed via one central dashboard, and ultra-fast and secure “cloud” hosting with Content Deliver Network (CDN) which enables download speeds that are 2.5-3 times faster than any competitor’s website, a crucial factor for the website’s search engine rankings, user experience and conversions.

Investing in your property website to maximize revenue from the three screens (desktop, mobile, tablet) is paramount to the very existence of your property. Coupled with a robust, well-funded digital marketing strategy, this will allow you to improve your property’s bottom line and leave the comp set in the dust.  A property website must incorporate the right balance of excellent design, state-of-the-art digital technology, a merchandising strategy, and engaging visual and textual content, all while providing an optimum user experience from top to bottom on every device (desktop, mobile and tablet). This type of website will result in a boost in conversions and revenues from the direct online channel.

How can you know your website is due for an upgrade? If your property website is two or more years old, does not offer responsive or adaptive design, does not support dynamic content personalization or dynamic rate marketing, or does not have state-of-the-art merchandising and reservation abandonment prevention capabilities, then it is time to make the upgrade.

Our experience shows that any website optimizations, enhancements or re-designs pay for themselves within 3-4 months.

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Client Testimonials:

Read what a HeBS Digital client in Las Vegas had to say, after winning a W3 award for their website:

"This honor reinforces HeBS Digital as the industry leader in Internet marketing for the hospitality industry. Our property maintains an extremely high set of standards for everything we do and HeBS digital greatly exceeded our expectations with the creation of our new website. They achieved exactly what we were looking for by providing online users with a quality and engaging experience, sophisticated and easy-to-use navigation and vivid imagery. This new website allows our property to secure a stronger position relating to online room bookings in the competitive Las Vegas market.”