Meet the HeBS Digital Team

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Our success comes down to our people; our love for the work and how we approach our client's business needs as if they were our own.

Executive Team

Managers & Department Heads

  • Sara O’Brien

    Sara O’Brien
    Associate Director, Marketing

  • Alison Hayes

    Alison Hayes
    Senior Web Designer, Team Lead, Creative Services

  • Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez
    Senior Manager, Accounting Department

  • Kyle McCaig

    Kyle McCaig
    Senior Project Manager, Team Lead

  • Emily Ditman

    Emily Ditman
    Associate Director, Digital Marketing

  • Carmine Fischetti

    Carmine Fischetti
    Manager, SEM Department

  • Eric Ruvio

    Eric Ruvio
    Manager, Application Programming

  • Chris Reed

    Chris Reed
    Senior Web Analyst

  • Vladimir Sobolev

    Vladimir Sobolev
    Senior Web Developer, Special Projects Team Lead

  • Reneir Cochrane

    Reneir Cochrane
    Manager, Digital Creative Development

  • Victoria Hsia

    Victoria Hsia
    Manager, Interactive Media & Creative Strategy

  • Brent Harris

    Brent Harris
    Senior Business Development Manager

  • Sam Conley

    Sam Conley
    Senior Business Development Manager

  • Jackie Maloney

    Jackie Maloney
    Account Supervisor

  • Jennifer Alberts

    Jennifer Alberts
    Account Supervisor

  • Nicole DeFelice

    Nicole DeFelice
    Account Supervisor

  • Claire Standridge

    Claire Standridge
    Senior Account Executive, Team Lead

  • Kristin Amore

    Kristin Amore
    Senior Account Executive, Team Lead